Relevant Work Experience

I had passion for coding since the early ages,because I was based in a country where the opportunities for Software Engineers were very limitted,I chose to study Electronics/Communications Engineering for Bachelors degree, as a hobbyist I developed several chatting websites based on IRC and Vbulletin forums.Since I moved to UK in 2011 I seriously started to think about switching my career to Software Engineering, I started to do some online coding courses, in 2014 I could secure Three months of Internship in one of the small local companies in Coventry, I coded genetic Algorithms in Matlab,Embedded C and Arduino, I also used Java Spring, due to some obstacles at that time I failed to secure permanent job as a Software engineer, I did not have ability to obtain SC level security clearance,did not have UK driving license and Permanant residency which were required for most of the job opportunities at that time, I carried on doing online courses developing my own apps while working full time as a Quality inspector in one of the automotive manufacturing companies in Coventry, in 2017 I could secure funds to do masters course in Software Engineer, I believed it was necessary to prove my self at University on Masters level to be taken seriously in the job market considering my bachelors degree had only limitted number of Software development modules and my commercial experience was limitted to three months of internship, I received several offers from different UK based universities, I chose the offer from Staffordshire university because their course was very practical, I consider my time at Staffordshire university as a work experience more than an academic one,most of the modules were assessed by practical assignments such as developing websites and mobile applications or Machine learning modules, this website itself was part of assessment for the Web Principles module, I successfully finishd the course in July 2020 with good results, obviously it wasn't the best time to graduate and to look for a new job in the middle of the economic recession, however,I'm very optimistic and full of positive energy as I have good CV and have no obstacles for taking any job anymore, I'm still coding as a hobbyist, I'm going to gym trying to make my body great again like the good old times, I'm also an essential worker at Ocado helping them to feed the nation during these difficult times,I'm not in rush to find a permanent job in Software Development, I would rather wait for the perfect job after all the hard work I did than just accept any offer that might not be good enough for me, I'm also open for temporary internships to add some months of commercial experience under my belt.